Magypsy Debug Menu:

  Magypsy Debug Menu

The Magypsy debug menu only appears under certain circumstances, but allows the player to skip to the points in Chapter 7 that Ionia in the debug room does not cover. Although there are ways to make individual Magypsies appear in other locations (serving the same purpose as their counterparts in this menu), all four of the Magypsies are present together a sequence in the Magypsy debug menu.

Doria: Allows the player to skip to certain points in the Chimera Laboratory and Murasaki Forest.

Lydia: Allows the player to skip to certain points in Snowcap Mountain, and back to Sunset Cemetery.

Phrygia: Allows the player to skip to certain points in the Canundrum Underpass, Saturn Valley, Fire Mountain, and back to Cerulean Beach.

Mixolydia: Allows the player to skip to certain points on Tanetane Island and back to Cerulean Beach.

Whenever party skips to a certain point, Lucas and Boney will appear in the party. Because Duster will already be in the party when the Magypsy menu is used, he will also be in the party (in the lead instead of Lucas).

It should be noted that the flags set when using the Magypsy debug menu can lead to a lot of glitches, moreso than in the case of the debug room.

To reliably access this Magypsy menu, the following steps are necessary:

 1. Enter the debug room.
 2. Interact with Ionia to skip to the “Cross Road” point.
 3. Enter the debug room once again.
 4. Interact with Duster to go to the “Osohe Castle” point. This will activate the condition required for the Magypsy menu to appear.
 5. Use a walk-through-walls code to walk south. The Magypsies should be present on the other side of the moat.



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