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Story - A look at the story of MOTHER 3
Characters - Meet the cast of MOTHER 3
Game Basics - Basic information about MOTHER 3 for beginners
How MOTHER 1, 2, and 3 Connect
MOTHER 3 Script / Text Dump

Background Info:

Timeline - A list of all the key events in MOTHER 3's development and beyond
Interviews - Interviews from the game's announcement and beyond
In the Media - MOTHER 3 in the media through previews, reviews, and more
Beyond MOTHER 3 - Similarities between the cancelled N64 version and the GBA version

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Misc. Interesting Info:

Factoids & Trivia - Things you probably wouldn't have known!
MOTHER 3 World - Shigesato Itoi's MOTHER 3 World pre-release site
Shigesato Itoi's Blog - Hints at MOTHER 3 and announcements in the months prior to its release
Music from EarthBound & MOTHER/EarthBound Beginnings
Patent - A patent ties Shigesato Itoi to Brownie Brown, with detailed information on MOTHER 3's battle system
Rumor Archive - An archive of rumors and speculation from its initial announcement to just before its release



EarthBound Fanfest 2010
MOTHER 2 Novel Translation Project!
EarthBound Central -- Good News for the Modern Fan
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MOTHER 3 Fan Translation
Starmen.Net EarthBound Walkthrough
Starmen.Net Mother 3 Walkthrough
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