Hold the B Button for a moment until the main character gets into a running start position
Release the B Button to dash. You will keep moving in the direction you are facing until you hit an obstacle or press the B Button. This is a great way to get around faster.


In order to save the progress of your adventure, speak to the nearest frog. Frogs can be found in most areas.
* You can save two separate files on one game cartridge.

Enemy Encounters:

When you come into contact with an enemy on the field, you will enter battle.
How you contact the enemy affects how the battle begins.

Head-on Encounter

Encountering the enemy head-on will start the battle normally, and you'll each be able to attack in the first round of battle.

Surprise Encounter

If you manage to surprise the enemy by encountering it from behind, they'll start out the battle turned around, giving you the opportunity to attack while they turn around.

Enemy Ambush

If the enemy manages to contact you while you are turned away from it, you will start out the battle turned around, giving the enemy the opportunity to attack while you turn around.

Rhythm Combo:

Take some time to feel the rhythm of the music in battle.
Pressing A Button in time with the rhythm of the battle music will unleash a combo attack. It is very important to master this technique to perform the most damage in battle. If you just can't get the hang of it, using Skills and PSI to put an enemy to sleep will make the rhythm of the battle music clearer. Up to 16 hits are possible per combo.

Feel the rhythm in the music.
Get ready to hit A Button.

Tap A Button to the rhythm.
Unleash a deadly combo.

Special Skills & PSI:

Each party member has their own Special Skills or PSI that only they can use in battle. Using these unique skills will have various effects in battle.

If Flint lands this Swing, he will hit all the enemies in battle.


PSI is a special ability that only a few characters are able to use.

Offensive PSI

PK Fire α → This fire-based attack damages all enemies in battle. It has a low chance of also burning an enemy, which causes additional damage each turn.
PK Freeze β → This ice-based attack causes chilly damage to one enemy. It will occasionally cause an enemy's body to harden, making it lose turns.

Recovery PSI

Lifeup α → This recover PSI heals approximately 60 HP of one ally.



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