Mystery Screenshot:

  • The Screenshot

    During November of 2004, a mysterious screenshot appeared on the Japanese side of the Internet. The screenshot bore a striking resemblance to the previous two MOTHER(EarthBound) games, especially the first. The menu was basically a replication of MOTHER's. There were many other specific similarities. It is unknown where this screenshot originated. It is thought to be some sort of hoax or fan-made game, but its source was never verified.

  • The House

    The building is very similar to buildings found in MOTHER, though the angle is slightly different.

  • Main Character

    The supposed main character from the screenshot looks very similar to Ninten, the main character of MOTHER.

  • The Girl

    This girl looks very much like the girl picking mushrooms in Peaceful Rest Valley in MOTHER 2(EarthBound).

  • The Boy

    The kid with glasses looks like this NPC from Earthbound(MOTHER 2) that appears in a few different locations.



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