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Name Yo Self Again (Mother 3) - by SonnyBone

Name Yo Self Again (Mother 3)

Mother 3 / Earthbound 2 - MP3

artist comments:
My rendition of the NAME INPUT theme from MOTHER 3 using a 12-string accoustic guitar, accoustic bass, and drum machine.

Other Submissions by SonnyBone

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SonnyBone Giant Step
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 5 Nov 2007

Started with a basic sketch on pencil and paper, then painted it all purty with PhotoShop. Feel the love.
This is my sanctuary.
10/17/07 10.00
SonnyBone No Turning Back
Ness crossed the line... and there's no turning back.
10/19/07 0.00
SonnyBone Paula. I think.
Yeah, this is strange. I think it's Paula, but I only say that because ... well ... it says PAULA.
10/19/07 0.00
SonnyBone Urfbownd Hollorween Dextop
10/20/07 0.00
SonnyBone My Ness Nightmare
True Story: After a long night of playing EB and eating too much junk food, I had this odd Ness nightmare. All I could see what his face. It looked eerily distorted and half of it was burning. He was in horrible agony and was begging for me to help him, but I couldn't move. Such a terrible nightmare.
10/9/07 0.00


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