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Rise of the IFs - by Anthadd

Rise of the IFs

Hello, it's me, Anthadd, after quite a long hiatus from article writing. I'm sure no one missed me. Well, this articles is about the rise of the IFs, or Interactive Fictions, on EB.Net's message board. The first one was started by someone whose name I can presently not remember, on the General Discussion board. If you are reading this and are offended, I apologise. After a while, the GD board had become so inundated with such "Add-on Stories", as they were knew then, that reidman and the other admins finally gave in the the continuous demands and created the "Interactive Fiction" board. By this time, I had registered. I believe that I was the one who named the aforementioned IF board, but if I'm wrong, I apologise again to the true namer. I started watching the GD board for add-ons that hadn't been moved yet. Later, I moved on to posting in the boards. At an estimate at about a month after I registered, I started regularly posting on the IFs, and soon created the famous topic "Something I would prefer you follow when I appear in an IF", in which I requested, if not demanded, no one make me swear. Little did I expect it would become what it did.

With the deletion of EarthBound.Net, I lost my pride and joy, my IF rules topic. When EB.Net finally returned, I immediately re-registered, and noting no old topics were there, I panicked, and re-created the IF rules topic under the guise of one of the Return of... topics. And finally, here we are today, in a well-coordinated IF world.

Thank you one and all.

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