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Anthadd, P.I.: Buzz Buzz - by Anthadd

Anthadd, P.I.: Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz is an enigma. He quite easily ranks among the most enigmatic of EarthBound -- and Mother II -- characters. Sometimes during his short existence over the course of EarthBound, I wondered how a "bee" could be mistaken for a "dung beetle".

Then, after paying more attention to the beginning of Mother II, which I had before simply rushed through, wishing to reach the actual beginning of the game as early as possible; I noticed things that I hadn't before.

For example, where Pokey comments on hearing a sound like a bee flying around, Porky [what I accept to be Pokey's Mother II name] hears a "buun buun" [an insect's buzzing] like a "kabutomushi" flying around. Moreover, instead of saying he's not a bee, Bun Buun [Buzz Buzz's Mother II name] says he's not a "kabutomushi", or something to that respect. A kabutomushi is a species of beetle native to Japan. This is quite a puzzling change. Most insects generate some sort of buzzing. Perhaps Nintendo thought that the bee would be more familiar to North American kids, in reference to the buzz, than the beetle.

Bun Buun's speech is essentially the same as Buzz Buzz' is, except with a few exceptions.

For one, Gyiyg didn't send all to the horror of eternal darkness [as Giygas did], he sent all to the darkness of [not heaven]. Hmm... I wonder why this was changed. I refuse to show images in this case, due to the controversial nature of the Mother II image.

Also, Bun Buun relates essentially the same legend that Buzz Buzz did. Although my Japanese is rather lacking in proficiency, I recognise the bare essentials of Mother II's legend. In fact, Bun Buun even refers to an "akumu no ooiwa" -- a nightmare rock!

Plus, Bun Buun doesn't say the three things of most importance are wisdom, courage and friendship. He says they're wisdom, courage and friends. No images here as well. I haven't had the time to get the images.

In conclusion, Buzz Buzz was hit nearly as hard as the hospitals were by the translators. I notice only one change that was necessary [the one in which he relates where Gyiyg sent everyone].

Case closed.

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