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Anthadd, P.I.: Arcade - by Anthadd

Anthadd, P.I.: Arcade

As you defeat the Sharks and their boss, you might not realise that not only were there changes made to the Arcade that didn't necessarily need to be changed, there were changes that should have indirectly caused another change to be made.

First off, in Mother II, the Arcade wasn't called the Arcade. It was called the Game Centre. Why was this change made? Was it because children would identify more with Arcade than Game Centre?

Another odd thing I noticed is that one of the boys loitering outside the Game Center in Mother II calls it something along the lines of "GaCen", the first syllable of both Game and Center.

Moving onto the Sharks themselves...

On the first floor, there's three Sharks, two of which you fight. It's the third, the one you DON'T fight, that I'm focusing on right now.

In Mother 2, this one Shark says the following rough and HIGHLY INACCURATE translation: "Ah... ah... now you're gunning to defeat me? I'll freeze your conceited passion and beat you." As a note, this is not all that similar to what he says in EarthBound: "Uh huh... uh huh... you sound like a real whiner to me. Don't get lippy, or I'll kick your butt!". The intriguing thing is how he says it. I've Romanised the entire thing here here (with katakana quoted): A a oma(e) ima "gan" tsuke(na) katta? (Na)maiki koiteru to (bu)ttobasare zo.

Yes, the "e", "na", "na" and "bu" are in brackets. Is this some form of Japanese slang, where they omit the first syllable of certain words? Even more intriguing is that he's the only Shark who does this. Even more intriguing than that is the way they changed it.

Moving onto the top floor, there's one Shark who's chewing gum in EarthBound. He's doing the same thing. I think he even says to do the same thing: "Get your own, twit." in Mother 2 if you want gum. But something not in EarthBound was a short little comment in brackets. It's about doing something (probably chewing the gum) with a melody. I couldn't translate what kind of melody it was, but I know this melody comment was not in EarthBound.

Returning to the bottom floor, and beating the YesMan Junior guarding the door to Frank, we move to Frankystein. If you Check Frankystein in EarthBound, you see that it "looks like quite a piece of work". In Mother II, and this change, I suppose, must have been made (note 1 at bottom of article): If you Check Frankystein, you see that "It appears a little like a terrible weapon." Yes, this change must have been made.

In conclusion, as with Bun Buun, the Sharks and the Game Centre were edited often for some sensible reasons, and some non-sensible reasons. Case closed.

(Note 1: When I say that something "must have been made", I mean it HAD to have been made.)

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