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Mysteries of the Franklin Badge - by Anthadd

Mysteries of the Franklin Badge

Introduction: Of all the items that appear in both Earthbound and Earthbound Zero, the Franklin Badge is the item we have no idea how it got to Paula from whoever was holding it at the end of the battle against Giegue. This article will try to determine a plausible theory for this.

Part One- What can we suppose?: In the game of Mother, it is widely believed that Ana is the weakest character in the game, and most people likely gave her the Franklin Badge. That means, at the end of the game, Ana was holding the Franklin Badge. Ana would still have the badge until a certain cousin came to visit.

Part Two- Who is this cousin?: This cousin is Paula. I believe that Ana and Paula are cousins, as are Jeff and Lloyd, and Ness and Ninten.

Part Three- How'd she get the Franklin Badge?: One day about 2 years after Mother, Paula and her family visited Ana's family in Snowman. I'm guessing that Ana gave Paula a present, which means it would have been Paula's birthday during a visit to Snowman. The gift Paula received was the Franklin Badge, which she took back with her to Eagleland.

Conclusion: As far as I know, if the two Franklin Badges in Earthbound and Mother are the same Franklin Badge, Paula received it from her cousin Ana.

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