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EB and EB Zero: What is the Connection? - by Anthadd

EB and EB Zero: What is the Connection?

Although this is similar to 'The Mother Connection,' and other related articles, this article will try to show a possible connection between the two games that I believe has never even mentioned in an article on this page.

First, my theory on the Giegue/Giygas anomaly is very awkward: Giegue and Giygas are brothers, one older than the other, and they have a very tight sibling rivalry.

Giegue is the younger brother, because he is likely extremely smaller than Giygas. He tried to take over the world from the area where the first four people who saved the world lived, but failed miserably, beaten by the same song that his surrogate mother Maria sang to him. And remember, in the GGF's diary, the three phrases that can be made out are the riddle and the answer to enter Magicant.

"Who is the one who lost the tail?" said the riddleman.

"The forgotten one on the ship that sails the cosmos." answered the hero.

When you sing the songs to Queen Mary, she says that "Giegue looked so innocent-" or something like that- "-when he was wagging his tail."

That tells us Giegus is the one who lost the tail, although it appears he grew another one.

Because Maria lost her memory when she went to Magicant, Giegue would have been forgotten, therefore explaining half the answer. His spaceship would be that ship that sails the cosmos.

When Giygas saw his younger brother beaten, I guess he decided to wait awhile until he attacked, and attacked somewhere else. But Giegue somehow settled in Eagleland and assumed a human form. He married Ness's mom, and disappeared when they had Ness. When he somehow heard Giygas was attacking -maybe he was still tuned in a way to his family- he started giving Ness the money to beat his brother.

When Giygas was defeated, Giegue decided to meet his son for the first time in a long time. Again, quoting from a few articles that said Ness had PSI because he was related to an alien.

Going to the future and the Apple of Enlightenment's prophecy, I am guessing it is one of Jeff, the Apple Kid, or one of their descendants because, if it is ten years in the future, they must have been around then to remember Giygas's attack. That would suggest that the AoE is not Ness's (EB0) great grandfather George because he was dead long before even Giegue attacked, although he was around when Giegue was born.

So, as a reprisal, here is summary: Giygas is Giegue's older brother; Giegue is Ness's dad; George is not the AoE and it is either Jeff, the Apple Kid, or a descendant of those two.

It's a little weird. A teen destroying his 'uncle?'

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