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Border Crisis - by Anthadd

Border Crisis

Again spurred by the rise of discussion on Starmen.Net's fora [which is a perfectly acceptable plural form of forum] concerning various topics, I feel I am... obligated to write an article concerning it. Of course, I will not go on ad nauseam writing about a topic.

The border between Summers and Toto is never clearly defined. The resort [Summers] and the port [Toto] are obviously stated as being separate towns; both in the player's guide [which many have correctly is wrong in many places] and in the game itself. In fact, there is someone in the Summers and Toto map who clearly states that Summers and Toto are separate settlements, even though they're joined together. It's the old man near all the settlements. That's Toto. Summers is the resort town. Toto is the port. It's where people come to the resort. Unless they come by using Sky Walkers, Runners, Phase Distorters, Helicopters, or Spider Mechs. It's also the location of the settlements.

Well, returning to the old man. He says something about not being a billboard. But beside that, he talks about the PORT TOWN of Toto being to the east. As I've said before, SUMMERS is a resort town. Different names. And that's why I say that man defines the border of Summers and Toto.

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