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Are We Afraid of Something New? - by Boomerang

Are We Afraid of Something New?

After closely reading over such articles as Ultimoo's "The Mother Connection," and RetroHippy's "Earthbound:Episode 1" for a second time, I decided to ask a question: Are we afraid of something new? I live across the street from RetroHippy, and read his email(with or without his permission:)) ; the responses to EBE1 can be summed up with one simple phrase: YOU ARE INSANE. I also know that the response to Ultimoo's article was less than flattering.

As Earthbounders, we are not afraid of originality. Our love of the former characteristic draws us to the game. So then why did these original articles take so much heat? The answer can be found easily. Most of the response to my EB vs. FF7 series was positive. I have no real proof, but I think that people like Earthbound more because it is old-school, a pillar to fall back on. Most of my readers also enjoyed the old-school FF's. Therefore, when someone makes incredibly drastic change to characteristics about Earthbound, that someone is swamped with angry letters. FF7 was, if anything, different from old FF's. That is why readers tend to be angry at it.

The point I am trying to make is that, while not afraid of change, most EBers have grown very attached to what they know about Earthbound. They appreciate the traditions, a sort of nostalgia. And when someone is perceived as blasphemising Earthbound, the "blasphemor" had better take to the hills. I believe that articles such as the ones I have mentioned should be encouraged. However, as a counterweight, traditional articles should like wise be posted. Once we can accomplish this, the grand scale that governs articles will be balanced, creating a more fulfilling atmosphere.

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