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The Future is Soon - by Ultimoo

The Future is Soon

I've received recent reports from numerous, yet not what you'd call extremely reliable sources concerning a positive American release for EarthBound 64 sometime in March 2000. The following is not a classic Ultimoo gripe about EarthBound 64. It's an explanation of why I'm not griping. As just about all of you know, a while ago, 64DD was canceled for the U.S. and EarthBound 64 was moved to cartridge. What some of you don't quite know, is that the 64DD will still be released in Japan with its respective games already running on the DD, including EB64. Now, since EarthBound 64 is running on the DD, which will be released in Japan, why would Nintendo make the effort to transfer the game to another format, being cartridge. The only conclusion is that EarthBound 64 was switched to cartridge for the purpose of an American release.

Antagonist Incorporated, a well respected and informative gaming news service received reports from Nintendo that the sequel to the latest Zelda game was in the works for the 64DD in Japan. However, they also stated that the game would be running on cartridge too for the purpose of an American release, since they feel that the 64DD itself would not sell in America. So apparently, when Nintendo announces that they are moving a game from the DD format onto cartridge, I believe it's safe to conclude that it will be set sometime for an American release. I had mentioned before that an unofficiated source had informed me that EarthBound 64 was set for release along with the DD in Japan, on December 9th, 1999, with the American cartridge release of the game coming in March of the following year.

I cannot confirm to you that information to be true. Going back to the original purpose of this article, I am only drawing conclusions and inferences from already well-known facts. Project Dolphin is aimed for a release sometime towards the end of 2000, so it would also only make sense to release the DD towards the end of this year. If Mother 3 has already been moved to cartridge, then Nintendo does not have a great length to go for an American release. After all, that's the only reason they would move it to cartridge, right? Should the game not be released, concluding from the preceeding, Nintendo just maybe wasting a massive amount of time and lost an equally massive amount of money. Either way, it won't belong before the fate of the Mother series is determined. It won't be long before it's do or die for the future of the EarthBound community.

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