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Runaway Blues Brothers? - by Kasady Voorhees

Runaway Blues Brothers?

I first played Earthbound well over 3 years ago. When I got to Twoson and saw the Runaway Five, the first thing I thought was "hey, they look like the Blues Brothers". But, no mention of the connection in the player's guide at all of this. Even a friend noticed this. Still, on all the websites I've seen, no one has brought this up. I'm not gonna claim this was intentional, as I haven't heard anything elsewhere about this, these are just my observations.

If you've played Mother 2 or seen the Mother 2 to Earthbound page, you've seen the Runaway Five in the Japanese version. Their names are the Tonzura Brothers, and they wear black suits, white shirts, ties, and sunglasses, just like Jake and Elwood. The red tie is the only difference. The backup band dresses the same as them too(this is explained on the M2 to EB page, so I won't go into it here).

Now to compare the two main members. I'm using the names I believe to be the Runaway Five's names, so they may not be right. Runaway(the fat guy in red) is most likely based on Jake(John Belushi). Lucky(skinny guy), based on Elwood(Dan Akroyd). If you look, Runaway is short and fat like Jake, and Lucky is a lot like Elwood. There are some differences, though. Runaway is missing the huge sideburns, and Lucky has a mustache. In a way, they seem to be a cross between the Blues Bros. and Mario and Luigi. They are also missing the tattoo'ed names on the knuckles that the Blues Bros. had( well, hard to say, you can't see up-close).

That's a rundown of physical differences. If I get enough good responses, I will do a sequel comparing more similarities and differences.

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