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Nin2000 - by Shmuely


If you hadn't heard, I'm a big fan of Nintendo Power magazine. I've been subscribing since the issue covering the original Street Fighter 2, and that was a long time ago! But, since, there's only been three issues that've truly stirred my EarthBound excitement: the 1995 announcement of EarthBound for the SNES, the 1997 preview of EarthBound 64, and the 2000 New Year's Bonus Issue. What a piece of artwork! Dolphin's Gecko CPU in all it's shades on the front, only serving as background for the word "2000" written many times like the Nintendo lego in 3D. I began to flip the pages; nothing cool. Just some Pokemon, some Zelda, some cheat codes and... oh! And what's this? They mentioned Mother 3 in a paragraph! Yay! But, for some odd reason, they called it "EarthBound 3"! What an interesting name...

Now, maybe it's what we'll hear it as in America! But does that really make any sense? There's really only been one EarthBound on earth, and thus it'd only be right to call this new game "EarthBound 2", wouldn't it? But, then again, it could just be a preliminary name. Like how Project: Reality turned into N64, and how Dolphin will definately change it's name in the near future. Which brings me to another interesting point...

...Dolphin. It's possibilities frighten even a die-hard gamer like me. Faster than PlayStation 2? DVD drive? A CPU less than 1/4 the size of your thumb nail? Hmm. Sounds rather... interesting!

Now, say Mother 3 (or whatever it may be called in the future) is a big success, due to more gamers looking for 3D RPGs, after the popularity of Zelda 64. Then, Mr. Itoi may decide to release a whole Mother series! And say he could do it all for the Dolphin (or whatever it may be called in the future). That would give the Mothers more power, speed, and graphics than ever before, perhaps increasing their visual appeal and making the Mother series as popular as Final Fantasy!

Then, he'd have to release an anthology (just like FF4 and 5 for the Playstation) of the first 2 games on the Dolphin, and good things will start to happen to the EarthBound community! In fact, Mr. Itoi will help us expand to the main, official site of the Mother series! Which brings me to an entirely seperate article! Ha hagh hah haw!

**cough cough** So, anyways, I've just been thinking a lot lately about the future of Mother, and Nintendo, in general. So, maybe Mr. Itoi won't purchase this beautiful website, but if we ask him nicely, we could get ourselves on his good side! That would be... well, good for the EarthBound community. It would give us a little word in on how the new millenium's going for the Mother series, and, trust me, we want that!

In conclusion, keep your chin up; the year 2000's looking good for EarthBound 64 and the Dolphin, so far. Let's all look up at the stars, and prey for Star Wars: Episode 2, reading the latest Final Fantasy news in a Playstation magazine, while drinking some spiced almond java in our EarthBound mugs...

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