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Catching the Boomerang - by Shmuely

Catching the Boomerang

I completely agree with Boomerang on that one. The graphics of FF7 and FF8 really took away from the game. And I'm not saying this as an EarthBound fan, but as an experienced video game player. I even LIKED the original Final Fantasy games. They proved that a good plot and well-thought out system make a game. EarthBound 64 looks like it'll be all graphics and no fun, like all other RPGs out there today (yes, including Zelda 64).

Itoi also says that there won't be one main character in the game. In one chapter, a minor character will be an important character. This sounds very cool, but not at all like EarthBound or EarthBound Zero!

Miyamato says that there are about 70 different characters to play as. I fell out of my chair at this one. 70? Remember the thing Buzz Buzz said about 4 children destroying the Nightmare Rock?

They both point that there is NO NESS, PAULA, JEFF, OR POO!!! This is an outrage! We want to see our beloved heroes and heroine! And, it sounds as if the story will have nothing to do with EarthBound's story. Hey! If I made a new EarthBound game, it would be about Pokey's return or about Ness shattering the Nightmare Rock or about destroying the Apple of Enlightment so it can't be used for evil! What happened to our great storyline?

Sigh. I pray that EB64 will be better than it sounds like right now. I sign off by telling you that graphics mean nothing and that a story is everything. Good bye.

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