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The Force is With Me - by Shmuely

The Force is With Me

This article sort of acts as a rebuttal to Spiffage's "The Force Within", but with a slightly different twist.

I beleive in Spiffage's method of gameplay whole-heartedly. I've now beaten EarthBound for the sixth time in four years, and each time I've taken an adventurous, more dangerous approach. (Once I tried to get to level 100 before getting to DDD, and it was just too boring, so I quit.)

The reason why I've chosen to do so is because I wished to have some simple, delightful fun. Fun! Isn't that the thing you're supposed to have when you play video games? Isn't fun that feeling you get when you score a goal in your favorite sport? Isn't fun what playing is all about?

Fun is what each and every one of my articles has been about, so far. Let's all forget our worries about Giegue and Giygas and have fun! Maybe we shouldn't try to complete the never ending story and have fun! Maybe we shouldn't have an easy time adventuring and instead have fun. THAT is what I'm trying to say here. Is it really any fun when you beat the game in 7 months, and that time was mostly spent levelling up and crushing opponents in one blow? Now, I know that it's hella awesome when you've destroyed Giygas in 5 minutes, but is it really fun, or is it just really easy? You decide.

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