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The Never Ending Story - by Shmuely

The Never Ending Story

When all video games are released, no matter how long they are or how many cut scenes are in them, they never tell the full story; the big shabang; an explanation for every little detail. Thus goes the same for a movie or a book. You never find out everything, no matter what. Take Star Wars, for instance. Why did Anakin turn to the Dark Side? No one actually knows this! No one! Think about it. Some people would say it was because the Dark Side (Palpatine) saved him from a lava pit. Some others would disagree, and would say it was because his mother died before he could save her from slavery. Nobody actually knows the truth.

What does this have to do with EarthBound? Everything. We EBounders assume too much. We try to explain everything. We try to fill in all the little holes. Take a look at 7337777411460f the articles. They're about trying to explain the unnecessary. "Hey! I have a theory! Giegue is Ness' dad and Giygas is Giegue's grandfather, George! Here, I'll explain it in this 5 paragraph article..." I'm sorry to say, but that's what they all sound like.

What I'm trying to point out to you is that not everything must be explained. It just might be a possibility that Ness' dad is his dad! Or, maybe Giygas is an alien trying to overcome the Earth! You see? No matter how much we try to tell the whole story, there will never be a whole story. Even if they do release the prequels, sequels, and triquels (?) to EarthBound, there will never be a full story. I'd like all who are reading this now to try and control their urges to fill in the gaps of EB, because you'll never come to an agreeable end.

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