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Brainwashing the Masses - by diospadre

Brainwashing the Masses

"Those lacking magic have always lived beneath the clouds, as the EarthBound Ones. After all, the lack what we have." Many people here have played Chrono Trigger, a game that I have just recently started. When I got to the Dark Ages, this quote from a woman in Zeal totally blew me away. For those of you who have never played Chrono Trigger, the "EarthBound Ones" are looked down upon (and used for slaves,) by those who are able to use magic and live in the clouds. It finally dawned on me that the reason everybody is so biased against EarthBound is not because CT is a better game, but because it actually brainwashed its players, leading them to believe that the EarthBounders are weak and useless.

Then, I came across another little quote, from a man in the next town. "Just between us, I heard that anyone who opposes (the Queen) and not just the "EarthBound Ones," mysteriously vanishes. I take it that the "Queen" is, of course, Square. Looking to curb any other RPG activity, they go straight to the top, bribing NOJ officials, and even going so far as to kidnapping Itoi. They thought they could stem the development of the greatest series of RPG�s since Dragon Warrior with these devious tactics, and for a long time, it looked like the evil empire had succeeded.

This brings me to the last quote. "Long ago, the enlightened ones and the EarthBound ones lived as one." Remember years ago when these two great games first came out? There was no bickering, no squabbling, just a peaceful time of excellent Super Nintendo RPG's. Then Square decided they were too high and mighty for Nintendo and left. It is in having Chrono and the gang defeat Lavos that Square predicts its own defeat. Remember, in the end, it is the EarthBound ones who come out victorious over the so-called �Enlightened Ones.�

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