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Lackluster - by diospadre


Ninten may not be Ness. Ana probably isn't Paula. Lloyd shouldn�t be Jeff. Mother definitely is not EarthBound. The question is, though, Do we care? I sure don�t. When I play, Ninten is Ness. Ana surely is Paula, and Lloyd is most certainly Jeff. The characters in Mother and EarthBound can be molded into anybody I want them to be. It is here where what separates the Mother series from other RPG�s. The lighthearted atmosphere and the seemingly absent character development add something that few people have found joy in. This quality has captivated us members of the EarthBound Republic, and I think it is because deep down, we are all control freaks. We don�t want to simply watch the movie/games of the PSX, rather we want to be presented the bare essentials of the story, then manipulate it as we see fit. This explains the success of EarthBound Theories; people have already made their decisions about the game, and fewpeople share those same beliefs.

The problem with this is that most people don�t like this freedom. They judge their books by the cover, and their games by a grade bestowed by one or two people. It is because of this that upcoming games must always strive to boast better graphics, sound, and above all, more minutes of FMV video than the competition.

In order to ensure a better sales record for Mother 3 than EarthBound had, they haveopted to do just this. They admitted it by saying that Mother 3 is actually working to �alienate fans of previous installments.� Why must they do this? Because EarthBound didn�t sell enough copies. It�s graphics were sub-par, so few people bought it. Nintendo actually had to package in a player�s guide to make sure it would sell, something that had never happened before and may never be repeated. It is because of Nintendo�s stooping to work only for the dollar (or yen) that we are forced to wait for and sit through what islooking to be just another RPG.

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