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The Apple of Evil - by Teradoc

The Apple of Evil

Only once was someone of good nature mention somewhat of the AoE. If you do not know who that is, then you need to start your game back up and play for about 10 minutes. The character I speak of is Buzz Buzz. He seems to mention it somewhat, as he talks of a prophecy of 3 boys and a girl. All the other times it was mentioned by Evil.

So what could this Apple Of Enlightenment be if used mainly by Evil? And why are enemies always so arrogant to NOT listen to it when it says that they will be destroyed? Could cars ever use cheese as gasoline? None of these questions do I know the answer to, but I hoped I could try to explain them a little better.

Pokey was the only one, when you think about it, that mentioned the Apple Of Enlightenment. Maybe Pokey really was Giygas- after all, he is the one that ran... when it was actually quite smart to do so. But he actually had a reason, other than that he's a wuss. Other than that.. Giygas gave up too small of a fight, and it doesn't make much sense- how could a girl pray to 10 years in the future? E-Mail me with any comments, or post it up on the board.

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