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Earth bound - by a_passerby

Earth bound

Earthbound was a very good game and I will explain why this is in 3 paragraphs

The first reason was because Nes (The hero) became a robot at the end of the book This was very important because robots are made of metal which was invented by the Industrial Revolution. The word Metal comes from guitarists that first invented the word metal to show how hard theyre playing on guitar was, And it was hard like the new invention metal So they decided to make the new metal. I believe this is important because without metal we would not have Nintendo DS. we would Only have Sony PlayStation because it is black not metal.

The second reason was because bread can be buyed and sold at a store in the game, and, you can use it to eat your HP up. Once my mom bought bread and i wanted some So I opened the plastic and ate some but i forgot to close it and bread stayed Open. Then we could not eat the bread, but in Earthbound was a very good game and I will explain why this is in because Earthbound let you eat bread whenever you wanted.

The third reason was because .

And that is why I loved Earthbound was a very good game.


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