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Bring US Mother - by josh

Bring US Mother

Submission for the Envelope Art part of the 2007 EB Siege.

Other Submissions by josh

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josh A VERY Saturn Christmas
Well this peice of art was done with pencil, for the holiday 2006 funfest. I'm not very good at doing a saturn font so i just did it regular. Also if you look carefully all the snowflakes are just *'s. also theres more snowlfakes on the right than left, oh well. its my first peice of art i'm submitting.
12/13/06 0.00
josh What do Mr. Saturns do during Halloween.
Another of my Semi Annual Funfest Entries.
10/9/07 0.00
josh Topolla Invasion!
Venus and Evil Venus (AKA Zombie Lady) Trade outfits for the day.
10/18/07 0.00
josh Merry EB NO Matsuri!
This is my Second Peice of EB Fanart. I really like drawing Mr.Saturns! Also, Notice the Empty Plate and the Boxed EB under the good Mr. Saturn's Pillow.
12/14/06 0.00
josh Starman Funfest Invasion
This is a hack involving having a bandwith problem on the last day of the funfest and the end of the world occuring becuase of Bill Cosby and Weird al Doing a Talk Show. Expand to 4 Meg.
10/31/07 0.00


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