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Mr. Saturn House Invasion - by FrankFly

Mr. Saturn House Invasion

This is a picture of my house in Animal Crossing. I got copied the tile design from a Mr. Saturn someone submitted to so It'd probably fit Fantography best.

Other Submissions by FrankFly

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FrankFly Evil Pig Army Tank
A Drawing of the Pig Army Pig Tank from Chapter 8.
7/10/06 0.00
FrankFly Minerali
A fairly simple Minerali.
3/12/07 0.00
FrankFly Lavatory Sign
A mens bathroom sign that comes to life.
3/14/07 0.00
FrankFly Soot Dumpling
A rare enemy that can be found in chapter one. Although I found it like more than 20 times so I wouldnt really consider it that rare.
3/14/07 0.00
FrankFly Smilin' Sphere
A sphere that smiles.
8/27/07 0.00


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