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Hairy Starman - by RedSnifit

Hairy Starman

Another attempt at a new style. I rather like how it turned out. (Compared to my Frank sketch)This was done by memory. Also: I don't really remember if Starmen could use fire attacks or not, but I went with it any way.

Other Submissions by RedSnifit

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RedSnifit Hairy Octobot
Once again doing something with this "hairy" style. Besides Starmen, Octobots are my favorite enemies from EarthBound, so I thought I should do an Octobot next. Also done by memory.
1/18/08 0.00
RedSnifit Abstract Art 2.0
Colored, full sized, and in a new style! :o
2/21/08 0.00
RedSnifit My Bro's Bro
I just HAD to draw this...
2/21/08 0.00
RedSnifit It Returns
Back with a vengeance!
2/22/08 0.00
RedSnifit It's Evil!
At least, accoring to it's name.
2/24/08 0.00


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