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EB Crossword Solution - by Erniewan

EB Crossword Solution

The solution to my EB Crossword puzzle. (Please Spoiler this)

Other Submissions by Erniewan

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Erniewan Not Even a Mouse
Entry for the 2005 Holiday Funfest.

Trust me, this is a very fun game. It is sorta like Pacman but better and it has an EB theme w/ Christmas!
(P.S. sorry it's late I just realized I sent the wrong one)
1/2/06 0.00
Erniewan Earthbound Items
I took this picture a while back last Halloween when I went and gathered a ton of Earthbound stuff as well as dressed up as Ness. Here's most of the items.
3/26/07 10.00
Erniewan My Ness Cosplay
Here's me, dressed as Ness, taking some of my Earthbound items out of my backpack during a costume contest. I didn't win, but most of my friends thought I should have (adults were the judges).
3/26/07 0.00
Erniewan Three on Threed
Ness, Paula, and Jeff join to take on the monsters of Threed in a heroic battle. Drawn and colored by pencil.
11/4/07 0.00
Erniewan EarthBound Crossword
It's not exactly a drawing, but hey, it's art! See if you can finish this puzzle, where you have to think with an EB-mindset.
5/30/08 0.00


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