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Spore: SOMEONE's Machine - by LinkFan999

Spore: SOMEONE's Machine


Other Submissions by LinkFan999

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LinkFan999 Insane Cultist
First time using a tablet...and it was AWSOME!
4/11/08 0.00
LinkFan999 Final Starman & Cohorts Appear!
And they DEMAND Earthbound on Virtual Console. I thought this was pretty good for a submission...taken from a sketch I made during my absolutely BORING art class. Oh, and I simply LOVE how the Ghost of Starman came out...I should do more of him.
5/8/08 0.00
LinkFan999 is COOOOOOMES!
I threw my slippers at the beats...Maybe you didn't notice.

I've always wanted to draw most of the boss scenes in this game...
5/25/08 0.00
LinkFan999 Kuuuuuma
Experimenting with new coloring and inking techniques...that, and I had never actually tried to draw people. Combine that with the fact that I've wanted to do some Mother 3 fanarts, and you get this. Not impressive, but good enough
6/3/08 0.00
LinkFan999 Kneadable Saturn
The product of boredom, a kneadable eraser, black acrylic paint, and some red construction paper. I'll eventually paint his skin too. It currently resides on top of my TV
6/4/08 0.00


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