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Oh Mother! Ch. 7 - by DragonKazooie89

Oh Mother! Ch. 7

Taking place after the events of Mother 3, a remnant of the past ends up causing some trouble for Lucas and his friends, mainly for Duster and Kumatora. Will the friendship between the "princess" and thief degenerate or will it become something more?

Other Submissions by DragonKazooie89

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DragonKazooie89 No Treats, Just Tricks
Trick or Trick Kid because he doesn't get a lot of art so I fixed that. I wanted to make him look a bit more spooky and tried making his limbs looks like pumpkin vines/stems.
12/3/13 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Happy Happy Turquoise Turquoise
Part of three color challenge in which we I could only use pure black and shades of brown and turquoise. The background would have been all turquoise as well but then there would hardly be any brown so I just colored the brown version with lots of paint splats.
4/7/13 0.00
DragonKazooie89 The Mysterious Queen Mary
The result of one of the days of a drawing challenge I'm doing for February
2/16/13 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Earthbound Christmas Bulbs
Painted the sprites of the characters onto some ornament I bought with acrylics, with the exception of Giygas, whose sprite was to big to copy pixel by pixel. Half of these I finished last year but it was only now I was able to finish all 10 because I found the time and I finally brought out all my Christmas ornament to decorate the tree and the house.
11/27/11 0.00
DragonKazooie89 Once-In-a-Lifetime Photo
One of the Tessie Watchers managed to take a photo of the arrival of the elusive beast and it now hangs proudly in a frame in his home.
11/27/11 0.00


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