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Ness Picky and Pokey before EB (color) - by SerialPsychosis

Ness Picky and Pokey before EB (color)

I'd like to think maybe these guys were friends before the meteor struck.

Other Submissions by SerialPsychosis

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SerialPsychosis Mister Saturn meets Tenda
I wasn't sure if this has been done before, but it was an image that crossed my mind as to what a Saturn meeting a Tenda would be like....
8/8/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis NudeNess in Magicant
again, unsure if this has been done before, but I just was messing around again, considering how Ness must have felt with his sudden nakedness in Mother 2
8/8/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis Boxes of PSI
There are a bunch of these boxes at work... no Idea what's inside 'em. PSI Rockin'? Or are PSI powers shipped worldwide these days? :-p
8/13/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis Giygas and the Starmen
This took awhile to finish... but it is Giygas and the Starmen.
8/27/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis Phoeness Wright
Decided to do a crossover of Phoenix Wright and EarthBound. Originally it was going to be black and white, then I decided to color it- then I got lazy and didnt color a background. It was at this point I discovered the paper was too big for the scanner- and so I had to do it in halves, stitch it in GIMP- and there it is. :D
3/5/09 0.00


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