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Ness Picky and Pokey before EB (color) - by SerialPsychosis

Ness Picky and Pokey before EB (color)

I'd like to think maybe these guys were friends before the meteor struck.

Other Submissions by SerialPsychosis

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SerialPsychosis Giygas and the Starmen
This took awhile to finish... but it is Giygas and the Starmen.
8/27/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis Andonuts and the Cave Boy
this is how I viewed the scenario when Dr Andonuts first met the Caveboy.
3/11/09 0.00
SerialPsychosis Big Chimera Little Duckie
This is a Bioshock/Mother 3 crossover I thought about.
(The sign in the background is obscured but it reads Pokey New Year 199x)
3/22/09 0.00
SerialPsychosis Boxes of PSI
There are a bunch of these boxes at work... no Idea what's inside 'em. PSI Rockin'? Or are PSI powers shipped worldwide these days? :-p
8/13/07 0.00
SerialPsychosis Pigman- haha Charade you are
Mother 3 fanart inspired by Pink Floyd
4/10/09 0.00


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