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Generic Giygas Picture - by Aerostella

Generic Giygas Picture

No fanart gallery is complete without one.

Other Submissions by Aerostella

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Aerostella *Beep beep* Math Car
All the pictures in our math book look like they were drawn by blindfolded five-year olds on drugs. I didn't even notice the poorly-drawn guy buying the car just so happened to have a striped shirt and baseball cap like Ness (or Ninten) until after this unit was over.
4/4/09 0.00
Aerostella Chosen Four
Once again, really sorry it's blurry. Paula's dress is so cute. :3
7/23/09 0.00
Aerostella Cup of Lifenoodles
Yum, life-flavored is the best. Now with 50% more life!

Basically what happened was I saw these noodles in our house called Cup Noodles, and I immediately thought of the Cup of Lifenoodles, so I sharpied the extra two words on.

It was my lunch today, too. They were good. :P
8/26/08 0.00
Aerostella Flint and Hinawa
Aww, they look so cute together. :)
7/23/09 0.00
Aerostella Generic Giygas Picture
No fanart gallery is complete without one.
4/4/09 0.00


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