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kumatora licking strawberry ice cream - by garageman45

kumatora licking strawberry ice cream

kumatora from mother 3 licking an ice cream cone while sitting on a giant mr. saturn (boing). the flavor of the ice cream she's licking is strawberry as said in the title, which matches her hair, as you can see. I drew quite a body on her, don't you think?

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garageman45 ness is a pimp, too
this was at akon 20 and this random maid cosplayer wanted a picture with me (I had no idea she was into the mother series. actually, I'm assuming she is). whether I'm ness or lucas, I will always be a ladies' man.
9/20/09 0.00
garageman45 2 nesses and a lucas
this took place at animefest last year in 2008. I was ness and I found another ness and a lucas. I found a girl cosplaying as claus as well but unfortunately, she left the scene. oh well. the picture's good anyhow.
9/19/09 0.00
garageman45 lucas chilling with duster
this took place at animefest and I finally found a duster there (never thought I would find a a duster, either). you know what would be the bomb? if that same kumatora girl I found at a-kon 20 joined us in this photo but unfortunately, I couldn't find her at animefest. oh well. this picture is good enough, regardless.
9/16/09 0.00
garageman45 lucas glomped by kumatora
This took place at akon 20 and that's me dressed like lucas; I finally found a kumatora and I never thought I would but I did. When I spotted her, I was like "oh, heck ya!" and when she spotted me, she glumped the mess out of me, as you can see. that was a time I'll never forget.
9/16/09 0.00
garageman45 lucas is a pimp
this still takes place at akon 20 and as you can see, I was a real lady's man as lucas. who knew? (to be honest, the way lucas is in mother 3, I don't see this actually happening to him).
9/16/09 0.00


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