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Call me Pollyanna - Page 1 - Setting Out to Oshoe. - by PKMechaMinawa

Call me Pollyanna - Page 1 - Setting Out to Oshoe.

cmp - #01
The first page, young Lucas decides to go visit his manly female friend

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PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Page 12 - Duster is Mister Normal!
cmp - #12
In Dalaam and Onett friends talk and a question comes up, who to do, what to do?
8/25/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Are Ninten and Ness relate?
gasp. A subject that baffles the fandom. Could these two heroes be related?
7/8/12 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Dancing Queen
I suppose Ana just enjoys dancing, she might as well be the queen of it one day.
7/9/12 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Chapter 1: Page 16
cmp - #16
:0 Oh snaps page 16
11/25/10 0.00
PKMechaMinawa Call me Pollyanna - Chapter 1: Page 17
cmp - #17
shorts page 17
11/25/10 0.00


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