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Me am College student - by KaziRede

Me am College student

I decided to celebrate moving into my dorm. How? By taking a picture of my Lucky Little Saturn on my Laptop~

Other Submissions by KaziRede

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KaziRede Sunflower seeds Cover page
This is just the cover page for Abyssopelagic's and My fan comic we are creating together. The art is done by Abyssopelagic while we're both writing it. (She doesn't know how to post them up, so I'm doing it for her)
7/4/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 1
Page 1. Porky is bored. As usual. Art by Abyssopelagic, story by Abyssopelagic and KaziRede (me XD)
7/4/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 2
Porky has plans. EVIL plans, mwa-ha-ha~
7/6/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 3
I guess there was sort of a hiccup, so I'm trying one more time on this ^^;
7/11/10 0.00
KaziRede Sunflower seeds page 4
Those glasses really bother Lucas~
7/6/10 0.00


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