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Hail the Sale! - by firej7

Hail the Sale!

From the ashened questions we let burn out, Pheen-X tries to bring these questions back to life, with an inferno of answers. Question, how do the people know when the for sale sign is up? Simple fact my friends...It has a satalite floating with the skies, mainly around the JabGra sector in space, known to be where The REAL rock candy comes from (but that's another time).
Anyway, this satalite activates when the sign reaches a certain height above earths gravitational pull. This causes the satelite to send a blast of shoppers rays towards the minds of those, weak to the shopping urge(funny, it seems the most common ones are teenagers, women...and husbands.) Hence why nearly everyone of the commoners tackles on a sale in pratically any kind of store.
With the shoppers rays, a trigger is activated within a shoppers self concsious, that some how activates a radar like system, sending them, even to the ends of the earth, just to buy, what you don't want. I've even heard rumors about them able to locate you in underground locations. However, this for sale sign, is special.
Ever noticed how you had such an urge to buy that run-down house? That man, secretly had a for sale sign hidden on the roof. It's a cruel trick, but it works. That, and the one you purchase are the only two known in existence to force the first person to see it, want to buy anything, whether it be stale bread, beetles, bombs, or if you're kind, bracelets. This is another salement(heh, see what I did there) known as, Buysight. We all get it, you see something cool, and you want to buy it, only to discover it may not be as good as you thought it'd be. I mean, of course, I've that a Mr. Saturn brand pen?
Well, uh, anotherworthwhileemberis left to crackle. And this is is Pheen-X saying...I CALLED DIBS ON IT FIRST!!!

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firej7 Chillin with the Chiller
We'll be comin round the moutain when we come! My butt will freeze onto this fridge when we come! I think I'm sitting on the chiller, man this wind chill is a killer, but we're riding on a fridger when we come!
1/31/12 0.00
firej7 Coming to a Store Before You
The Scarabians vs. Giygas? You're kidding ri-OHH, I get the confusion.
1/22/12 0.00
firej7 DCMC Formation Theory
This theory took a lot of thought...and a help from an old friend of mine.
11/2/11 0.00
firej7 Deep in the Wool
There are many enemies in the world of Earthbound, each having an interesting story towards them. Since things are finally starting to chill down, Pheen-X is goin to take on the Wooly Shambler.
2/20/12 0.00
firej7 Eternanoodles, the secret of Lifenoodles.
Lifenoodles, recalled for being so powerful! But...why?
2/5/12 0.00


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