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Magnet Hill Theory - by AmateurGamer

Magnet Hill Theory

Here is a theory about how Magnet Hill came to be in the middle of Fourside.
Not too long ago, the metropolitan city of Fourside derived most of its electricity from a large nuclear power plant. The plant was located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by a large fence. Fourside was famous for its bustling economy and signature power plant- the very first and only one in all of Eagleland. Townsfolk soon began referring to Fourside as a “power spot of the Earth” for its commanding power in commerce and technology.
However, one day the Fourside power plant was shut down, due to violations of waste disposal regulations. The rumor around town was that toxic radioactive waste was being dumped into the very sewers of Fourside! Citizens were outraged. They quickly decided to demolish the power plant, leaving behind little trace, other than a few large hunks of iron. This later became known as Magnet Hill, and was left as a commemoration to the old power plant, in which the Fourside townspeople once took so much pride.
Unfortunately, the radioactive residue left behind from the plant had strange effects on the residents of the Fourside sewers, including mice, roaches, and one big rat in particular, resulting in horrid mutations. This considerably large rodent, which we know as the “Plague Rat of Doom”, was drawn to Magnet Hill on account of a rare case of magnetoception. The odd phenomenon gives the impression that the Plague Rat is actually “guarding” the magnetic field. A certain man claims to have seen the rat prowling the sewers, but the city has done surprisingly little to reform the situation, presumably because of the unsafe conditions… and the awful smell.

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