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Frankystein Theory - by AmateurGamer

Frankystein Theory

Believe it or not, there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding Frank Fly, the boss of the local Onett gang known as the Sharks. He is the victim of cruel and unfair prejudice, being marked as nothing more than a nasty gang leader and a thug. This theory will hopefully set the record straight:

When he’s not hanging out at the arcade or burger shop with his friends, Frank spends his free time in the Onett library, reading his favorite magazine, Popular Mechanics. Frank’s dream is to become a famous inventor, so he spent days planning and searching for materials in order to make his robot, which he named “Frankystein,” which he formed out of his astounding mechanical prowess. Frank’s creation was designed to be a fail-proof fighting machine, hence why he named it after himself and modeled its face after his own. He knew that no one would dare challenge him, especially when he was supported by his super-strong contraption…

Unfortunately, Frankystein had a bit of a technical meltdown while Frank was testing its “super-strength” in the (now destroyed) Entertainers’ shack, which led to the construction of the Frankystein Mark II. Frank spent all night trying to repair his beloved creation, which caused his coffee-fueled mind to go a little crazy. Once he finally completed his reconstructed mechanism, Frank shouted at the top of his lungs, that which could be heard all throughout Onett that night:


-AmateurGamer ;)

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