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Apple and Orange Kid Theory - by AmateurGamer

Apple and Orange Kid Theory

Apple and Orange Kid may seem like your average rival inventors, but this rivalry didn’t always exist. In fact, just the opposite used to be true!

It all started just a month ago. Twoson was hosting the first-ever Eagleland Science and Engineering Festival, and all the greatest designers of Onett, Twoson, Threed, and Fourside were planning to attend, without a doubt. The grand prize was, after all, $10,000 in cash. Likewise, two close childhood friends, nicknamed Apple and Orange Kid, were bound to compete, teaming up together to create something truly amazing on account of their love for science.
…And, of course, they could use the money.

The two locally-renowned child geniuses collaborating on a large-scale invention was going to be tough to beat. And besides that, Apple and Orange Kid didn’t have much opposition, with most of the world’s other top inventors residing far away-- in Winters, Foggyland.

Twoson citizens were without a doubt; their childhood heroes would win it all, guaranteed.

Unfortunately, our youthful inventors suffered from… creative dissonance. While Orange Kid was set on creating an invention that would “spread peace and goodwill on Earth”, Apple Kid’s ideas were centered more on novelty gadgets and machines, which his friend immediately dismissed as useless and silly. Orange Kid found his “pencil eraser” proposal to be particularly ridiculous.

Seizing control of the materials budget and the creative input, Orange Kid began building his greatest work yet. His plan was to create a revolutionary power source, one that could power houses, schools, entire cities… even an alien’s secret base! Orange Kid was positive that this would be the great creation that would benefit all mankind. Unfortunately, like most of Orange Kid’s inventions… it didn’t work.

Fortunately, however, Apple Kid fixed it right up, even increasing the machine’s efficiency tenfold! Orange Kid had always been amazed by, yet somewhat envious of his friend’s technological expertise…

Anyways, the kids’ invention astonished the judges, audience, and competitors to no end, and as all would come to expect, Apple and Orange Kid walked home with first-place trophy, and the $10,000 grand-prize. Orange Kid figured that he never really had to try ever again. He already had it all: the fame, the glory, the honor, the girls (Yeah, you remember, “I'm nuts about this one kid inventor. No, not that airheaded, dweeby Apple Kid. I'm talking about the incredibly hot Orange Kid!”), and the money, which he apparently had to split with his friend.

But Orange Kid proposed that he deserved a greater portion, since he was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Of course, while acknowledging this, Apple Kid retorted that he was the one who made their invention work, and therefore it should be a 50-50 share of the dough. Orange Kid agreed with this, gave his buddy the $5000, and everything was well between them.

…That is, until both children woke up the next day to find their prize money missing. Orange and Apple Kid were wholly convinced that one had stolen the other’s money, and they had been holding the grudge with each other ever since. But who was the real culprit? Well, that one’s pretty obvious!

…Oh, yeah, and the machine was stolen, too.


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