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EarthBound 2 Building Theory - by AmateurGamer

EarthBound 2 Building Theory

It was late in the afternoon. Three bored men were sitting about a lone table behind their computers in the Nintendo of America studio reserved for EarthBound. Their names were Marcus, Dan, and Mike, and they were among the few NOA personnel that are credited for the EarthBound localization. If you don’t know who they are, then go read the game’s credits.

Anyways, for reasons that will be left unexplained (because NOA does that a lot), this Nintendo studio and the co-workers inside it were situated within the world of EarthBound, right in the metropolis of Fourside, to be exact. This is what was really going on in that building:

“Dan, do you really think that ‘EarthBound 2’ sign outside is necessary? I mean, we’re not really the APE software development team, and we’ve already broken the fourth wall enough in this game, haven’t we?” asked Marcus.

“Ah, we’ll be fine,” replied Dan. “All the people outside are just NPCs, anyway, and the player can’t get in, either; I locked the door. Plus, if we didn’t put a sign or something outside, then the fans would probably end up writing some dumb theories about what’s really going on in here.” Marcus nodded in accordance.

“Come to think of it…” said Mike. “Even the NPCs have been asking for a sequel to EarthBound. It won’t be long until the fans get restless, too.”

“Let’s worry about that in a few years or so. Besides, we’re just the localization team, anyway.” Dan responded again.

After a short pause, Marcus chimed, “You know, Dan, you’ve always been pretty good at answering questions. You should start a Q&A column, or something, I don’t know.”

“Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea,” Mike added. They all chuckled to themselves.

But suddenly, the three employees’ thoughts were cut short by a loud knocking on the front door.

“Uh, oh…” Dan muttered. “Why can’t these stupid NPCs just read the dang sign?”

Mike quickly hurried over to the door and looked out the peephole. “It’s not an NPC; it’s Ness!” he said. “Wait a minute… Dan, you wrote on the sign that only those related to the project can enter; Ness probably thinks he’s allowed in!”

“Poor kid,” sighed Marcus. “He actually thinks he’s going to make an appearance in the next Mother game.”

“What a shame…” agreed Mike, as he watched a forlorn Ness shuffle away miserably from the building in sorrow.

The three workers sighed, and returned to their games of Minesweeper.

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