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Mother 3: Symphony - Ch1 P5 - by Mercurial Magypsy

Mother 3: Symphony - Ch1 P5

m3symph - #05
The Masked Man suddenly finds himself without cybernetics, blue-eyed and his skin unmarked by the scars from receiving his implants.

That boy is calling him... and so is the ghost of a woman, standing behind him...

I think I labeled the last page as "P2"... whoops, I meant Page 4...

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Mercurial Magypsy Mother Robot Battle Royale
Music inspired. Inspired by "Your Favorite Martian - Robot Bar Fight".

So I listened to some Your Favorite Martian songs, and got the idea to draw several Mother series robots having an epic battle. Because I'm weird like that (And I fricking love Your Favorite Martian).

In the picture we have Eve, a Starman, Robot!Ness, a Mecha-Porky, the Masked Man, and Fassad's Interpreter.

Man, all that PSI and lasers and crap... that place is going to be a MESS when the fight's over.

And I know, the Masked Man's not full-on robot, he's a cyborg (or mechanical chimera, whichever you prefer), but I still included him because he's awesome.

Mainly experimenting with light effects on this one.
6/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: Chapter 2 Splash Page
m3symph - #36
Chapter 2! It's about time! (* Merkie groans because her work on this comic is nowhere near complete *)

Nothing much to say here. Except that the coloring looks so much cleaner than Chapter 1's splash page.
7/19/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P9 - Electrification
m3symph - #45

As it turns out, Ionia's methods of teaching this dangerous PSI technique involves a powerful electrical shock.


(I really wish I could go back and remove my stupid author notes from previous pages talking about "Hey everyone! I listened to this music today!" or anything else that detracts from the story in the same fashion. Also, look! Clean, typed page numbers instead of messy hand drawn ones. Why didn't I do that sooner than these more recent pages...?)
12/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P8 - Dangerous PSI
m3symph - #44

Claus recovers from the odd convulsion to start eavesdropping again.

Ionia is about to teach someone a dangerous new PSI move.

Maybe I'm making Ionia's PK Thunder unnecessarily epic... but hey, it's the only time we see her cast PSI in this comic.

Let the Magypsy be unnecessarily epic before she disappears.
12/29/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Mother 3: Symphony: CH2 P7 - Dark Voices
m3symph - #43

As Claus continues to listen in on Ionia's story, Claus suddenly convulses, and feels a strange dark feeling come over him.

He can just hear an evil voice tell him to pull the Needles, and an eviler version of his own voice agree to do it.

And just as suddenly as the voices began, they stop.

Perhaps the forces of evil aren't quite done with him yet...

..... (Unlike previous pages I'll be making more effort NOT to ruin moments with my idiotic asides.)
12/26/12 0.00


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