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k-wix PK Trance
Earthbound / Mother 2 - MP3

Artist comments:
Very nifty remix for fans of earthbound, quality synths - some liberal takes on the original material, and earthbound FX's mp3 format. its called 'PK Trance'

9/16/05 0.00
Katon Mother 3 - Fun Naming
The name-your-character song from Mother 3... except..

1/1/07 8.43
Katon The Halloween Funfest 2007
A commercial made for Radio PSI for the funfest. :D

Props to Mazedude, Cromkayer, and Unlimited Lumpia for music.
10/8/07 0.00
Katon Don't Wake Mother! (Instrumental)
Instrumental track of what I may rap over. Contains music from Mother 1, 2, and 3. Good stuff, enjoy.
10/27/07 0.00
Katon Twoskan
An old song that I'll probably never finished, this was intended to have vocals over it by myself, with a rap in the middle by other folks, but that fell apart. Here's what came of it, and maybe I'll toss vocals on it one day.
3/3/08 0.00
Katon Rapgypsy
fillafilla armadilla
2/25/09 0.00
keiffer Queen Mary's song played on keyboard
Me playing Queen Marry's song on my old and crappy keyboard. Atleast it sounds alot like the NES version of the song. By the way, sorry for the poor film quality; it was filmed on my sister's cheap camera!
11/1/06 0.00
kevinchai Miku sings 8 melodies
I was messing around with vocaloid. Woo
2/3/09 0.00
Kidbond Smilin' Sam Jam
the bass solo battle theme used for the puppet enemies in threed. done entirely with electric bass and microsoft sound recorder
11/7/06 0.00
KingCheez MOTHER 3 Medley
Some of my favorites from Mother 3.
All put together in Edirol HyperCanvas.
6/27/08 0.00
KingDarian A Night in Threed
A dramatic reading of the poem by KingDarian
10/13/07 0.00
Koalyak DECbound
Creepy robot Halloween craziness
3/26/05 0.00
kodfish36 Choose a File
Just the "Choose a File" song from EarthBound. This has been lying around forever so I thought I would submit it.
7/26/09 0.00
Krazy Kow Peaceful Rest Valley
Bass tab for the Peaceful Rest Valley Theme
2/20/05 0.00
Krazy Kow Peaceful Rest Valley(Drums)
Drum tab for the Peaceful Rest Valley Theme
2/20/05 0.00
Krennthief Mountain Number 1,101
Another wing-song. This time, I play piano. Mount Itoi. Please Enjoy. :D
8/18/09 0.00
Krennthief Paula Capella
I'm sorry... Just messing with Audacity, and I did this sort of on a wing. This is my first musical submission. :D
8/13/09 0.00
Kyosuke Paula's Theme
Paula's Theme (piano)
3/17/05 0.00
Kyosuke Your Sanctuary 2 Remix
Earthbound / Mother 2 - MP3

Remix of "Your Sanctuary " melodies
3/17/05 0.00
Kyoujin Unfounded Revenge Mother 3 Remix
Unfounded Revenge techno-ish remix by Kyoujin menwithmachineguns.
2/5/10 0.00
Kyoujin menwithmachineguns - "Otherworldly Foe"
menwithmachineguns - "Otherworldly Foe" cover from Earthbound/Mother 1!
10/11/09 0.00



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