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Taikun Battle-weird enemy
It´s the battle music when you fight a coil snake for example.
8/6/08 0.00
Taikun Mini-boss battle
The miniboss fighting theme. you hear it the first time when you fight the starman junior.
8/6/08 0.00
Taikun Kraken battle
The legendary Kraken-battle theme^^
8/6/08 0.00
Taikun starman battle
the starman battle theme
8/6/08 0.00
Tansunn 8 Melodies
Module of the 8 Melodies.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Battle 2
Module of the jazzy battle music.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Cave
Module of the cave music.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Lamp Battle Remix
Module of a remix for the lamp battle music.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Game Over ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the game over theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Magicant ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the Magicant theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Pollyanna ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the Pollyanna theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Poltergeist ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the poltergeist theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Tank ("Mother on SNES" mix)
Module of an "SNES remix" for the tank theme.
2/8/05 0.00
Tansunn Pollyanna (guitar)
A guitar version of the Pollyanna theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Tansunn Mother 1 - Youngtown (Live)
Tansunn's "live" recording of the Youngtown theme.
2/12/05 0.00
Tansunn Christmas at Ness' House
My other entry was made with a Christmas gift, but this one was made to sound Christmasy.
12/30/07 0.00
Tansunn Winters Redux
I received a new synth VSTi for Christmas, and I thought, "What better thing to submit for a holiday funfest than music made with something I got for the holiday?" Enjoy!
12/30/07 0.00
Tansunn The Runaway 5 do Thriller
Thriller as performed by the Runaway 5. It's beyond the abilities of the SNES to play, but I don't care. The Runaway 5 consists of 6 members, with a drummer, keyboardist, bassist, saxophonist, and two dancers, yet their music has a trumpet in it as well. So now in addition to that, they have trombones and french horns (like in Good Friends, Bad Friends) and a theremin. They have so many members now it's SCARY!
10/25/08 0.00
Tansunn EarthBound 8 Melodies music box
8 Melodies from EarthBound played on a music box.
5/23/11 0.00
Tansunn Topolla Theater
Pretty much a straight cover with acoustic guitar added.
5/31/11 0.00
tcichosz first half of sound stone
Earthbound / Mother 2 - WAV

artist comments:
This and the next file and the next file I submitted (second half of sound stone) were supposed to be joined together...

but i couldnt do it, due to file conversion blah blah blah...

btw its horrible quality :(
3/25/06 0.00
tcichosz second half of sound stone
Earthbound / Mother 2 - WAV

artist comments:
2nd half of what i just sent before this
3/25/06 0.00
TeRRoR_ByTe Pollyanna by TeRRoR_ByTe
Boredom +Musical Computer Programs +1 hour= Fun with Mother Music.
It loops once, and there are a few mistakes(I think) but the overall project turned out pretty nice.
4/20/08 0.00
The Podunkian Retro Hippie Bus Battle
basically a rock and roll version of the hippie battle and bus themes
9/3/07 0.00
The Podunkian Sound Stone Rock
it starts off really slow, but then i guess it gets absurdy epic and corny and frankly it's a little disconcerting
9/6/07 0.00
The Sitting DuQs Blue Halloween
Fan music
4/1/05 0.00
TheDIMone82 Naming Theme
Guitar Tab for the Naming theme.
3/1/06 0.00
[email protected] Naming Theme
Guitar Tab for the Naming Menu Theme
2/13/05 0.00
TheGamingTool Onett Town- MP3
I would use real instruments but I am lazy so I made a midi and mp3 file!
7/3/12 0.00
thehappyhappyists Twoson
Our cover of Twoson. Check us out at
3/2/07 0.00
theowl89 Howloween in Onett
Just had this idea, but i don't know how it came out. I naturally think it's bad...
10/13/08 0.00
ThePhotoGuy Midnight in Fourside
A jazzy version of the Fourside theme.
11/5/10 0.00
TheReverendAG the waking up song
Mother 2 / Earthbound

artist comments:
The song for when you wake up in a hotel. Me on guitar.
10/11/05 0.00
TheReverendAG Moonside
Earthbound / Mother 2 - MP3

Moonside...My favorite song from Eartbound. Features some acoustic guitars, a banjo, and some trippy effects.
3/11/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Fourside
Earthbound / Mother 2 - MP3

artist comments:
Who doesn't love this song? Starring me on guitar, banjo, accordion...could be better, but I got tired of working on it.
4/22/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Onett
Onett. Guitar and Banjo. Hope you enjoy!
9/29/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Fourside (Less Crappy Version)
A guitar only version of my Fourside track. Better than the other one times 100.
9/29/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Onett (Timing Resolved)
A fixed version.. sorry, I keep jumping the gun! Anyway, here's Onett with a banjo and guitar.
10/3/06 0.00
TheReverendAG Lonely Winter Soundstone Freezeup
This is what I image the soundstone would sound like if it were listened to in an ice cavern on the frozen tundra of Antartica.
1/8/07 0.00
TheReverendAG Slack Shell
I think the original Mother 3 track is called Pink Shell. Here is my version, played on my slack tuned acoustic guitar.
2/6/09 0.00
TheReverendAG Acoustic Pork
The Pigmask music, played on my slack tuned acoustic guitar.
2/6/09 0.00
TheReverendAG Echo of Naming
Loose cover of the Naming music. My guitar is still in E flat whatever, but I capoed the 3rd fret making G flat whatever. Busted out my banjo, bodhran, and egg shaker for backup beats. Turned out pretty decent. I took some liberties again, but the song is still easily recognizable. Also, I have notoriously bad rhythm. I don’t know if it’s noticable on this track or not.
2/13/09 0.00
therookflows EarthBoundLuva
Slightly modified battle music, 'i miss you' sample, and a mean earthbound filled freestyle!
5/7/08 0.00
thirtyshackles Cosmic Destroyer
This is a song about love. Haha.
10/11/07 0.00
Tigeryak Sound Stone Chords
Guitar Tab for the Sound Stone Theme
2/13/05 0.00
Tigeryak Sound Stone Chords
Guitar tab for the chords to the Sound Stone melody.
3/1/06 0.00
TMF128 As You Wish (Menu)
My version of the calming menu theme, titled "As You Wish"
2/15/10 0.00
TMF128 Mother 3 - Theme of Love (Piano)
A piano version of the Love theme (strings not included.)
9/20/09 0.00
I felt just amazing inside and out when I finished Mother 3. This is the most important game ever made in every aspect of what a game can and should be. Rock it out.
1/10/10 0.00
tree Ness' intergalactic adventure(final mix)
as much as i hate to submit pretty much the same song again, i wasn't pleased with how the first one turned out. so i fixed a bunch of stupid stuff in this version, and there is one VERY IMPORTANT, if small, update that adds to the song.~Tree
3/11/09 0.00
tree Heartrending Song
if you aren't in tears by the end of this song, you have no soul.
3/22/09 0.00
tree Corny Title Withheld
felt i had to submit something at least slightly less crappy than my last.
3/25/09 0.00
tree Volcano!
my favorite M3 song, and i had to go and make it suck!
4/1/09 0.00
tree attic!
i... don't hate this. a bit loud, but i just couldn't get it right.
4/29/09 0.00
tree magypsy anthem
this song features my voice. :(
5/6/09 0.00
TreLantana Inspiration of the Melodies
This was inspired by the 8 Melodies
8/13/05 0.00
tronnotpron Winters Revisted
The Winters theme that has been updated to have more of a "winter" feel.
12/26/06 0.00
Twili Winters on a Chip
The Winters theme played on a PIC-AXE 08M Chip.
Sorry about the overall fuzziness, but my camera sucks.
12/30/07 0.00



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