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I could not have created this guide entirely on my own. All the help that various people have given me is deeply appreciated, and I created this page to thank them.


Most of the data for this project I collected on my own by playing through the game a few times. However, I did get a good portion of data from JHack (particularly enemy statistics, but some other minor things as well.) Thank you to AnyoneEB and any other JHack contributors.

I also got a lot of data from Mr. Accident's Map Editor 4. Thank you for granting me permission to use it.

Thank you to Z-Row for testing the site before it was initially released and pointing out some data that I was missing.

A number of people helped me out by pointing out information I that I was missing or had listed incorrectly, and giving me the correct information. Thank you to the following people (in alphabetical order):

  • Anthadd for pointing out that the Popsicle was not on the condiments page.
  • avenger339 for pointing out that I had accidentally included the Mr. Baseball Bat on the required items page.
  • ClumsyRobot for noticing that Shield Ω was missing its PP cost, the Eraser Eraser and Jar of Fly Honey were missing from the required items page, the Lesser Mook wasn't listed in Winters, the Mole Playing Rough wasn't listed in Summers, and the Crazed Sign wasn't listed in Fourside.
  • EBisumaru for correcting me on the way condiment-food relationships work.
  • Iam Canadian for pointing out that Ness learns Teleport β after Ness's Nightmare.
  • Jeff7 for gathering condiment data.
  • JeffMan for gathering condiment data, and for letting me know the effects of the "Breathe in through one's own flute" attack does.
  • Ninten1 for noticing that Black Antoids were not listed under Grapefruit Falls, that Paralysis Ω was missing its description, and for letting me know what the "Sprinkles a wonderful-smelling powder" attack does.
  • Nitrodon for pointing out some inaccuracies with enemy PSI resistances and effectiveness.
  • Radiation for letting me know that Thunder and Storm's Summon a Storm attack is actually PSI Flash Ω, and for pointing out some inaccuracies with enemy PSI resistances and effectiveness.
  • Shpishay for giving me help text descriptions for various rare equippable items, for pointing out that Final Starman was not showing up on the list of enemies that use Healing Ω, and for pointing out some errors with the Body and Other equippable items.
  • SimonBob for giving me the locations of the Crooked Cop, Elder Batty, Extra Cranky Lady, and Kiss of Death.
  • Slashmire for letting me know that the action description for "Eat a bologne sandwich" was incorrect on the Clumsy Robot, and for noticing I mistyped the α in Defense Down α.

If you helped me and I accidentally left you out of this list, you can send me a PM and let me know; I'll be glad to add you.



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