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Alphabetical Enemy List

Abstract Art
Annoying Old Party Man
Annoying Reveler
Armored Frog
Atomic Power Robot
Attack Slug
Bad Buffalo
Beautiful UFO
Big Pile of Puke
Bionic Kraken
Black Antoid
Boogey Tent
Captain Strong
Carbon Dog
Care Free Bomb
Cave Boy
Cave Boy
Clumsy Robot
Coil Snake
Conducting Menace
Conducting Spirit
Cranky Lady
Crazed Sign
Crested Booka
Criminal Caterpillar
Crooked Cop
Cute Li'l UFO
Dali's Clock
Deadly Mouse
Demonic Petunia
Dept. Store Spook
Desert Wolf
Diamond Dog
Dread Skelpion
Ego Orb
Elder Batty
Electro Specter
Electro Swoosh
Enraged Fire Plug
Even Slimier Little Pile
Evil Elemental
Evil Eye
Evil Mani-Mani
Extra Cranky Lady
Farm Zombie
Fierce Shattered Man
Filthy Attack Roach
Final Starman
Frankystein Mark II
French Kiss of Death
Ghost of Starman
Gigantic Ant
Giygas (Stage 1)
Giygas (Stage 2)
Giygas (Stage 3, unstable)
Great Crested Booka
Gruff Goat
Guardian Digger
Guardian General
Guardian Hieroglyph
Handsome Tom
Hard Crocodile
Heavily Armed Pokey
High-class UFO
Hostile Elder Oak
Hyper Spinning Robo
Insane Cultist
Kiss of Death
Lesser Mook
Lethal Asp Hieroglyph
Li'l UFO
Loaded Dice
Loaded Dice
Mad Duck
Mad Taxi
Major Psychic Psycho
Manly Fish
Manly Fish's Brother
Marauder Octobot
Master Barf
Master Belch
Master Criminal Worm
Mechanical Octobot
Mighty Bear
Mighty Bear Seven
Military Octobot
Mini Barf
Mobile Sprout
Mole Playing Rough
Mondo Mole
Mook Senior
Mostly Bad Fly
Mr. Batty
Mr. Carpainter
Mr. Molecule
Mystical Record
Ness's Nightmare
New Age Retro Hippie
No Good Fly
Noose Man
Nuclear Reactor Robot
Over Zealous Cop
Petrified Royal Guard
Pit Bull Slug
Plague Rat of Doom
Plain Crocodile
Pogo Punk
Psychic Psycho
Putrid Moldyman
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom
Red Antoid
Rowdy Mouse
Runaway Dog
Scalding Coffee Cup
Sentry Robot
Shattered Man
Skate Punk
Slimy Little Pile
Smelly Ghost
Smilin' Sam
Smilin' Sphere
Soul Consuming Flame
Spinning Robo
Spiteful Crow
Squatter Demon
Starman Deluxe
Starman Junior
Starman Super
Stinky Ghost
Strong Crocodile
Struttin' Evil Mushroom (Green)
Struttin' Evil Mushroom (Red)
Territorial Oak
Thirsty Coil Snake
Thunder and Storm
Thunder Mite
Titanic Ant
Tough Guy
Tough Mobile Sprout
Trick or Trick Kid
Trillionage Sprout
Ultimate Octobot
Unassuming Local Guy
Uncontrollable Sphere
Urban Zombie
Violent Roach
Whirling Robo
Wild 'n Wooly Shambler
Wooly Shambler
Worthless Protoplasm
Yes Man Junior
Zap Eel
Zombie Dog
Zombie Possessor



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