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Nov. 1, 2008


Mar. 30, 2009

The Saturn Ladder was a project with a simple goal: stack our favorite EarthBound creatures as high as possible! Removing the standard rule that only 5 can Ladder, users gradually submitted their own Mr. Saturns, spanning various media. Each was allowed a maximum of 3 different Saturns; once collected, Fanart staffer Artemis251 stacked them and illustrated a background to show the range of ascent these little guys could climb.

In total, the stack is 182 Mr. Saturns tall! As such, the images may take some time to load, so please be patient. To see the name of the artist at each point, simply hover your cursor over a Mr. Saturn and its name will pop up.

EarthBound eyes5 ElfKitty Crav SuperLucas CSwavely Bird_Person Starpu TheUltimateChimera Bird_Person bonjourduck Kaoru_Arika PSI_GuitarHero Captian_Jim Difegue Yokuba Omnitarian Relinquished KingDarian kebby129 Maiko meteorite Kalle Fobby gameguy245 Erniewan elliotw2 freakyboy05 Jackalope The_Devster somaticdefilement power12345 Phones potato Rufus The_Devster O-Suchin The_Devster s3n4 Sebastian handish2000 sunarashi Greenfinger Pipomonkeydude Spyden RedShadow13 Mabyn Saturn-Man blrasmu bobburt444 Stormgale bobburt444 LOL Kalico rinatan dmell Phones Yokuba Nosekidk PK_Soap PSIBoogy Rufus emilio Yoshistar Panda_Kaptain Kay-O LOL lord_of_farts TheCreator theunderminor wcrntn Psi-Rockin Realn Rinkuchan PSIBoogy ShadeDevlin PK_Soap PSI_GuitarHero MrTruth Plan_9 PK_Saturn Nokekidk nekoaitsu Pik- Nezumi Hawaiian INVADERSATURN kakoshei NOISEMAN orangecake bigcitysoda2 KingDarian GeoPyro Beck kakoshei CrouchingMouse Gana0 Diddgery HAK2 Ecoolarg dmell elemental101 Chaisu bearpigman _oMeGa_ Chaisu Darth_Pokey author_lumina Darth_Pokey omnigiygas Missy Mrjupiter Missy Meer iamthewalrus OrochiSaKu matilda_caboose Difegue Ffish Psychomax random_encounter toader Mystic_Pyro_Freak Psychomax (insertnamehere) EBP TheCompleteAnimorph Katon Spyden Giegue -Qaz masheysoup23 Meeellla omnigiygas Matrix mistycat85 Phones Hawaiian MobileSprout Greenfinger PoeTrader Daska Silver_Streak Pik- legotrekker Cafechan TriForceLink Kupo_KK orangecake GameGeekAdvanced Bananahero Strawberry_Tofu Mystic_Pyro_Freak bananaman HAK2 Artemis251 Chewy Giegue Wilhelmina_Carmel Master_Minch Unclever_Title Gana0 eyes5


(insertnamehere), -Pik-, -Qaz, Artemis251, author_lumina, Bananahero, bananaman, bearpigman, Beck, bigcitysoda2, Bird_Person, blrasmu, bobburt444, bonjourduck, Cafechan, Captian_Jim, Chaisu, Chewy, Crav, CrouchingMouse, CSwavely, Darth_Pokey, Daska, Diddgery, Difegue, dmell, EarthBound, EBP, Ecoolarg, elemental101, ElfKitty, elliotw2, emilio, Erniewan, eyes5, Ffish, Fobby, freakyboy05, GameGeekAdvanced, gameguy245, Gana0, GeoPyro, Giegue, Greenfinger, HAK2, handish2000, Hawaiian, iamthewalrus, INVADERSATURN, Jackalope, kakoshei, Kalico, Kalle, Katon, Kaoru_Arika, Kay-O, kebby129, KingDarian, Kupo_KK, legotrekker, LOL, lord_of_farts, Mabyn, Maiko, masheysoup23, Master_Minch, matilda_caboose, Matrix, Meeellla, Meer, meteorite, Missy, mistycat85, MobileSprout, Mrjupiter, MrTruth, Mystic_Pyro_Freak, nekoaitsu, Nezumi, NOISEMAN, Nokekidk, Nosekidk, O-Suchin, omnigiygas, Omnitarian, orangecake, OrochiSaKu, Panda_Kaptain, Phones, Pipomonkeydude, PK_Saturn, PK_Soap, Plan_9, PoeTrader, potato, power12345, Psi-Rockin, PSIBoogy, PSI_GuitarHero, Psychomax, random_encounter, Realn, RedShadow13, Relinquished, rinatan, Rinkuchan, Rufus, s3n4, Saturn-Man, Sebastian, ShadeDevlin, Silver_Streak, somaticdefilement, Spyden, Starpu, Stormgale, Strawberry_Tofu, sunarashi, SuperLucas, TheCompleteAnimorph, TheCreator, TheUltimateChimera, theunderminor, The_Devster, toader, TriForceLink, Unclever_Title, wcrntn, Wilhelmina_Carmel, Yokuba, Yoshistar, _oMeGa_.



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