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Fan Art is Starmen.Net's most active section, so the updating schedule is a little hard to follow. Hopefully the information below will help you understand what's going on if you've been trying to figure it out.
  • First and foremost, every submission must adhere to these very simple guidelines. A lot of people submit their fan art to the wrong section, so when that happens they will most likely go unnoticed for months. Sending stuff to the wrong section and submitting pictures that are way too big are the two guidelines that are broken the most often. If you want to see your art on the site, please make sure you're following the rules.

  • Fan Art receives numerous submissions daily, but we only reveal 12-16 submissions with each update. We do this because we don't want to flood the front page with 30 thumbnails of art all at once, so we space things out. Depending on how many submissions are ahead of yours, it may take a few updates before your picture actually shows up. To prevent this from becoming a guessing game, a little banner is displayed at the bottom of each update that shows how much is left in the queue: enough for 1 more update, 2 updates, or 3+ updates.

  • Monday is the scheduled day for Fan Art updates, and that's when the new Fan Art of the Week is revealed. We often have to do several updates a week because of the volume of the submissions we receive, and those updates come at random. The Artist Spotlight is changed on the 15th and last day of every month.



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