Fan Art Guidelines:

Here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind when submitting fan art:
  • Only .jpg, .gif, and .png files are accepted. Any .bmps received will be deleted.

  • Keep your pictures at a reasonable size. An ideal image size would be a maximum width of 1024 pixels and a height of 768 pixels. If you do not know how to resize your images, ask for help on the forum. If your picture has a good reason for being larger than normal (for example, a lot of small details), then we have no problem accepting it, but keep in mind that the staff has the last say on what's too big.

  • Do not use spaces or special characters in your file names. This means exclamation points and such. A good example of a bad file name is: "Hey what is up Ness!!.jpg" That sort of file name breaks the site's code and we can't display your work.

  • Do not submit works containing sprites that you did not make yourself. We accept custom sprites and pixel art, but don't draw a background and throw in some sprites that you ripped from MOTHER 3 or something. That's not cool.

  • When submitting your fan art, please submit it to the "Fanart" section. If it's something that you physically created yourself (a drawing, a sculpture, a 3D Model, etc), it does not belong in the game sections and will probably go unnoticed for months if you submit it to any other section. Any pictures that you take of your fan art belong in the Fan Art section, not Fantography.

  • Only submissions relating to EarthBound, the MOTHER series, and the Super Smash Bros. series will be accepted. You can have other Smash Bros. characters in your picture, but you must also include a character from the EB/MOTHER series.

  • Do not submit pictures containing excessive violence or nudity. This is a family-friendly website, so all content must remain as such. Only submit what would be suitable for an E-rated game.

  • Put some thought and time into your work. Any pictures that appear to have been thrown together in less than five minutes will be deleted. We're not harsh about this rule, meaning you don't have to be a spectacular artist in order to have your work accepted, we just want to see that you're putting forth some effort.

  • Please refrain from submitting a piece more than once. We want to avoid duplicate fanart on this site if possible. You can sometimes get by with different versions of a single piece, but don't be surprised if one is deleted for being too similar to another work you have done. If you are concerned, feel free to PM a Fanart staffer with your questions.
In order to submit anything to Starmen.Net, you need to create a forum account. This site is integrated with the forums to create gigantic database that makes for easier navigation and editing (good for both visitors and staffers). Don't be shy! We always love to meet new EarthBound fans. (You don't need to post on the forums to submit anything to the site.)

Please go here to submit your fan art.



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