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mini saturn Osoho III: Ionia's Task
(Special thanks to shiroandfubuki!) In the great time of the Osohe Kingdom in 100X, a retired warrior named Sage seems to be the only hope for the world (Well, at least until the world gets destroyed centuries later.)
10/22/09 0.00
The Pig King Oshoe
-Mother 3 spoilers- What happened in the ancient Oshoe kingdom. When I saw Leder say something about the Oshoe Castle being inhabited before the Tazmilians came, this immidiately sprung to mind.
10/30/08 0.00
Carbon Dog The White World
A barren world, where "the water of life" is more precious than gold.
9/20/12 0.00
PSIcicle -A Boy and his Memories-
A bit of a "practice" fan-fiction, I suppose.

-Lucas has never really gotten over the tragedies that, even now, continue to plague him. Perhaps he just needs a chat with someone who understands?-
1/30/13 0.00
Register From the Pig's Mouth
A brief autobiography, as told by an aging Porky Minch.
2/24/09 0.00
Megaphone334 Runaway To Mother 3 World
A fan fic about TheRunawayGuys getting transported into the world of Mother 3.
5/29/13 0.00
psirocker The Snowy Mountain.....fridge?
A fanfic on Mother3.

12/17/07 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Saved by Fire
A girl named Ruby encounters some thieves, and a strange being helps her. Wrote this as a warm-up for my writing skills.
3/19/13 0.00
Gamegrumpsman It's Chimera Research!
A log on the progress of the creation of the Ultimate Chimera.
6/25/13 0.00
Wasuremono The March of the False
A Mother 3 story: on Halloween Night, all good children stay inside.
11/2/07 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Ocho and the Spirit of the Island
A oneshot about how Ocho met Mixolydia. Warning, there's a weird Tanetane Mushroom scene and some violence.
8/18/12 0.00
Mercurial Magypsy Lagomorphically
A oneshot fanfiction, the musings of one of Lydia's rabbits...
6/5/12 0.00
Giygas999 Samba Prompt
A Prompt from a couple weeks ago.
6/27/12 0.00
Gamegrumpsman It's Chimera Research! 2nd Draft
A redone version of the story, in response to ohboy's criticisms.
6/30/13 0.00
Gamegrumpsman Tragic Reconstruction: Second Draft
A revised version of my story, dedicated to ohboy.
5/3/14 0.00
PSI Dreamer END?
A short thing I typed up. This is written during the end of Mother 3
11/2/12 0.00
PoeTrader A Tale of Two Seeds
A story about how the sesame seeds met and what drove them apart.
6/24/12 0.00
Wasuremono Standing Outside the Fire
A story about one reluctant hero, his awkward relationship with his hometown, and his coming to terms with destiny. WARNING: Contains spoilers for the first chapter of Mother 3!
6/27/07 0.00
Emily Bite
A story of events prior to Mother 3 as told from an unusual perspective.
2/8/12 9.00
NKing729 The DarkNess
An adaptation of the events between Mother 2 and 3, made especially for HFF '07. Happy Halloween Indeed!
10/10/07 0.00



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