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EarthBound's Greatest Mysteries - by EBFan2000

EarthBound's Greatest Mysteries

This is an article series that depending on the amount of replies I get, will be continued. In this article series I will explain Earthbound mysteries that have been griping me. I will describe it as much as possible and then give possible solutions to it.

Todays topic is the Pokey/Mani-Mani Statue connection. Now most of you may not realize this but whenever you see the Mani-Mani statue, Pokey is very close to it. The first incident of this is in Onett. Pokey's house is right by where Lier X. Agerate found the statue. Next, you see the evil gold statue in the possession of Mr. Carpainter in Happy Happy Village. Sure enough, Pokey is right there as one of the cult's thugs. The next occurence is in Moonside/Fourside. You see The statue creating Moonside. Then there is Pokey, in Fourside taking off in a helecopter. The final occurence is in the Sea of Eden. You see Mani-Mani as Ness's Nightmare. Then you battle Pokey in the final battle.

Now here are a couple of possibilities:

1) Giygas is controlling Pokey's mind and telling him to follow Ness and use the statue to slow him down.
2) Pokey is just doing this because he and Ness are such big rivals.
3) The whole thing is just a coincidence.

As you can see the whole thing is very mysterious, and it is just one of many of.....

Earhbound's Biggest Mysteries....

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