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EarthBound's Greatest Mysteries 2: Where are the Parents? - by EBFan2000

EarthBound's Greatest Mysteries 2: Where are the Parents?

If you have read the previous article in this article series, you know what the deal with this series is. If not, I suggest you read the first article titled Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries.

Anyways, this is going to be a three part article about the missing parents of Ness, Jeff, and Poo.

Ness' Dad: We have all pondered about Ness's dad. As you know, he is the man that is in work throughout the whole journey who you can only talk to by using a telephone. He is also the man that records your game and puts insane amounts of money in your bank acount. But you never actually see him. He is always at work. Even at the very end of the game where Ness is honored as the hero he does not appear. Another odd thing about him is he the whole ATM thing. He is always depositing hundreds of dollars every time you call him. Now here are some possible explinations:

1) Ness' dad really is in work all the time. This is why he can deposit so much money.

2) Ness' dad is seprerated from his mother. That is why he is never home. He is either at work or at his house.

3) The last (and probably the most popular) explaination is that Ness' father is either Giygas or Giegue. The problem with tis explaination is why would an evil alien give his son money that will eventually help him destroy him.

Jeff's Mother: Not many people have really written about this but it is something that has probabally made people wonder. Where is Jeff's mother? You never see her in the game and she is never mentioned either. Here are some possibilities:

1) She died while Jeff was real young. To forget this, Jeff and his father moved to Winters and Jeff went to boarding school.

2) Jeff's mother and father got divorced because Dr. Andonuts was to crazy about his work.

Poo's Mother: This case is similar to the case of Jeff's mother. Poo's mother is also not seen and not mentioned. And because of the simularities with the case of Jeff's mother I won't get into it that much. Once again, here are the possibilities:

1) Poo's mother was somehow fataly injured while doing Mu training.

2) Poo's mother just wasn't there the two times you were in Dalaam.

Anyways, I know this article is getting long so I will wrap it up here. Thanks for reading.

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